11 Jun 2014

Fernanda Liz and her cuteness demand respect

Is it hot enough for you? No matter the answer, it might be a good idea to cover yourself in ice and get close to an AC unit, ’cause things are about to get hotter. Our new entry for today is uber cute and Brazilian hottie Fernanda Liz. The sexy model is prancing around in some Lascana lingerie outfits, making us drop our jaws to the floor with no effort whatsoever. That’s no easy task, I tell ya.

Sure, I’m a sucker for a cute smile and a tight little body, but I do have standards, and this foxy babe breaks through them all. She’s tall, has some long legs we all know I go bonkers about, and those beautiful green eyes will make you run to the moon and back if there’s even a slight chance she’ll go out with you. True, we boys want much more than that, but such beauty and cuteness must be respected!

There are a lot of  cute models out there, and it seems things are getting crowded by the minute, but Fernanda Liz stands out. It’s difficult to explain why, but you what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words! So, I’m hoping the gallery below says it all, ’cause I’m lost for words anyway. I’m just hopin we’ll get to see more of this sensual lady as soon as possible. Enjoy!