15 Jun 2017

Your Feet Says Something About Your Health

Let’s face it, as dudes we tend to forget about our feet. Of course there are grooming geeks out there who get a foot spa every other week but for the rest of us, I won’t be surprised if the ladies complain whenever we remove our shoes. AND THAT’S OKAY because we’re dudes.

Feet And Health

But, what’s not okay is not getting the health-related messages that our feet try to convey to us.

Our Feet And Health


Pain as you may have already experienced and seen or observed is the primary alarm system that occurs in our body whenever something wrong happens inside our body. So it does not come to much surprise that it is one of the things that you should look out for in your feet as an early indication of any illness in our body. The presence too much lack of it can already express wonders. The longer, frequency, and deep of pain that you experience there may indicate different pathological scenarios that can manifest in us.


Probably one of the reason why pain (as was mentioned in the above paragraph) as well as numbness is considered to be a useful detail that indicates problems in our body especially in the region where your foot is due to the fact that within our feet lies a strange yet plentiful circuit of nerves. With the manifestation of numbness in certain parts of your feet can already tell you some hidden symptoms of illness within a particular organ or part of your body. Hence the creation of an alternative healing procedure called acupuncture and reflexology that masters in triggering your nerves inside your foot that helps your body in healing itself.


This symptom in our feet triggers something far more worrying that I can hope to admit. Well for starters, manifestation of discoloration in any part of our body is quite a problem that we need to have taken care of as early as we can. Especially when it manifest in the most remote areas of our body like that of our feet. It is known within the world of medicine that there are certain diseases like skin cancer in its most dangerous are those that involves dark discoloration and in form of tiny cysts or moles.