28 Aug 2017

What Your Favorite Sexy Position Tells About You

Are you familiar with the old saying “Tell who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”? If you ask me it is a bit cliché, and quite an understatement and a wee bit stereotypical. So if you are quite unsure of yourself and in search of a deeper, or at least a more humble or clearer understanding of yourself without any form of pretense then our article for today will serve that purpose.

sex position

Why, you ask? Well in this article we are going to take personal understanding of our manliness into a whole new level. For we are going to dive deeper into our inner self through the most basic of our human instinct. Lust. In this article we are going to enlighten on you how your favorite sexual position during an intercourse can help you understand yourself through your whims and desire in bed.

So without any further ado let us go ahead with the sex position personality examination. Just a reminder though try to assess yourself with utter truth.

The Missionary Or Man On Top

If you love this position then you are the type of man who is rather controlling and draws its driving power towards the idea of being on top. However the down side of this position is it tends to be less adventurous and that imposes the need of seeing your lover’s reaction in order for you to get reassured.

Rear Entry or The “Doggy” Style

This is probably t he most common sex position that all men love. If you love this sex position then it means that you are close to your animalistic and almost territorial instincts. However, it also says something about you being afraid of intimacy and romance.

Woman On Top and Spooning

Now these positions are lady pleasers and what I would call the “sexiest and most romantic”. And if you love doing these sexual positions with your special ladies then it only says that you are not afraid to be submissive from time to time without letting your partner know the one, who is truly in control. It means that you are confident with yourself and very much open minded with the pleasure of sex on both sides.