2 Oct 2017

Our Favorite Fall Sex Positions!

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and it’s not even Christmas yet! Fall is a perfect season to have sex, don’t you think? Ladies are dressed up as slutty-anything, all dolled up for Halloween parties. The autumn foliage makes an otherwise boring walk to the restaurant more romantic. Plus, the chilly weather and the spooky season gives you reason enough to snuggle while watching a horror movie! Did you know that the “Thank God we’re not them” sex is just as good as “Thank God we’re alive sex” without even risking your life? Try it, you’ll love it.

In addition to these ideas though, here are two fall sex positions you may want to try out while it’s still in season!

The Netflix Challenge

There’s nothing more productive than having sex while you’re binge watching. Choose a program that’s related to the season, say Walking Dead or Stranger Things or American Gods..you decide, as long as it’s something both you and the lady could enjoy. Challenge her to keep her face straight as she lies down on her side, naked, the laptop next to her, and you comfortably positioned behind, your boner pressing hard against her butt. To make things easier, you can even hold on to her boobs as an anchor and additional leverage.

The Football Half-Time

Another thing that’s in season – football! Make half-time more exciting by sliding down your pants to your ankles and straddling her on top of you, completely naked. It’ll be easy now to do everything you want to her, and still not miss the game. You won’t even need to leave the couch. Score!

Of course the real challenge is looking for that dream girl who would gladly agree to that. If you find one, never let her go. She’s a keeper. You are one lucky bloke, you are.