14 Jun 2017

Fashion In A Monthly Box: Trunk Club (2 of 3)

Here we are once again in the second article of our latest fashion article series, Fashion In A Monthly Box which is dedicated to featuring the best fashion-related subscription boxes that you can get for yourself (or give as a gift to others) every month.

Trunk Club

The last time we were here, we talked about Sprezzabox. A monthly fashion subscription box where you will be able to get a box full of fashionable items worth more than a $100 but you’ll only less than $30 monthly. Isn’t that awesome?

Anyway, today we’re going to talk about another awesome monthly men’s fashion subscription box.

Trunk Club

What I like about Trunk Club is the fact that they assign a specific stylist for you. It’s not just a monthly subscription box. The company tries to connect with their clients and you can even set stylist appointments to meet your stylists in their equally stylist Trunk Club club houses, with FREE BOOZE.

Once your stylist has gotten to know you better she will then prepare your monthly box filled with a lot of items that you can try out. You are also only going to pay for the stuff that you do want to keep. They will give you five days upon the receipt of the package to try on your new stuff, and return the things you don’t dig via their included free shipping.

Also, what’s special about Trunk Club is the fact that you forge a relationship with your personal stylist. In this way, you can simply talk to them about your style and get trunk boxes specifically style for you. You can also tell them when there’s a big life event coming so they can send you a box to help you out for that. It’s for people who are confused or too busy to go shopping but still want to look like well put together without sacrificing their personal style – whatever that is!

Finally, Trunk Club is not limited for men, they also have a women’s subscription available.