19 Jun 2017

Fashion In A Monthly Box: Stitch Fix (3 of 3)

Finally, we reach the end of our fashion article series, Fashion In A Monthly box. For the duration of this series of three articles, we have already featured two boxes so far, Sprezzabox and Trunk Club, each with their own pros and cons.

Stitch Fix

For instance Sprezzabox comes in a fix rate of $28 but each box contains a surprise mix of five to six fashion accessories worth more than a hundred box. Trunk Club on the other hand gives you five-star service and a personal stylist to customize each box you receive. For instance, you’ll have a wedding to attend to this month, you can simply notify your stylist and she’ll send over a box full of goodies you’ll be proud to wear for that event.

This time around though, we will feature…

Stitch Fix

Honestly, Stitch Fix has already been in the game for quite some time now catering to women’s fashion but just recently they have started a men’s edition so here we are.

Like the other two, Stitch Fix is also a monthly subscription box where you can expect to receive a package every month. Like Trunk Club, Stitch Fix will also assign a specific stylist to you so every box is tailor made for you and no box has the exact same group of items. You’re given a couple of days to try everything out and you only get to pay for the things you want to keep. Hence, the price that you need to pay per box is not fixed.

The only fixed rate is the automatic styling fee you’ll give your stylist each month for styling each box and that’s $20. That twenty is consumable so if you decide to keep an item or two, $20 will automatically be deducted from what you have to pay.

If you do decide to keep all the contents of the box, you are going to receive an additional 25% off.

Finally, another thing I like about Stitch Fix is you receive a manual of sorts telling you how to style all the items they send and how they fit in with all the other items within the box, which they call a “fix” by the way. No surprise there.

So how about you? Do you have a lot of time to go shopping? Are you also thinking of getting a monthly subscription box?