5 Jun 2017

Fashion In A Monthly Box: Sprezzabox (1 of 3)

I’ve been enjoying getting monthly subscription boxes recently. I can’t believe I’ve discovered them just now. First of all, I like the surprise and second, the anticipation of getting a package – even if it is coming from a subscription.


Hence, I would like to share this delight of monthly subscription boxes to you today. For this series, I am only limiting it to fashion monthly box subscriptions. But there are a lot of different subscription boxes out there for all types of hobbies. Books, coffee, grooming kits. The only thing missing for me, is a monthly subscription box for pipe lovers. If someone knows one, feel free to share! I’d appreciate that.

This series is going to be three articles in all and today we’re going to take a look at…


Sprezzabox is a monthly subscription box where, upon subscription, you will be able to enjoy receiving a box with five to six men’s accessories handpicked by their stylists. Each box has items more than a hundred dollars in value, but since you’re in a subscription, you can get them at only $28 a month.

You can expect to receive more or less the following:  a tie, a pocket square, socks, tie clips, a wallet, and various grooming items and manly gear (like the first box that I got that came with a wine pourer and stopper, a corkscrew, and some coasters). It all depends on the theme each month.

The Perfect Gift

Aside from subscribing for yourself, you can also give the Sprezzabox as a gift for someone else. They will keep on receiving monthly gifts from you depending on the duration of the subscription you got for them.

For Your Bros

Finally, they also have a special bulk plan for those who want to order in bulk for all your groomsmen’s needs. Each box contain different accessories like a tie or bowtie, a pocket square, socks, clip or cuff link, and others. Unlike the boxes which you can’t really specify what you want to get because they’d like to keep it as a surprise, you can get your groomsmen boxes stylized according to your wedding’s theme.