10 Oct 2017

Fall Sex Tips You Can Try Out This Season

Ahhh…fall. The perfect season to fall in love. Or to fall into a perfectly sexy love affair. If you are in this site for sex positions and ideas, then feel free to check out our past posts as well. We’ve just recently published two awesome fall sex positions to try out. You don’t want to miss that.

Sex Tips in fall

And because we’re on a roll here, and we want you to roll underneath fuzzy covers with your penis snuggled into someone else, here are a couple more fall sex tips to try out this season!

Infinity Bondage

You know, that infinity scarf is good for something other than warming your neck. It can warm your thighs too if you use it in the right way…like tying her up for instance. You don’t need special ropes and cuffs to do that shit in 50 Shades. All you need is your infinity scarf. Plus it’s fuzzy so it won’t leave a mark.

Halloween Treats

You know, you don’t really need to pop in those treats straight into your mouth. You can actually make a candy trail on top of your slutty pumpkin after the Halloween party. Start from her neck, down to her breasts, to her stomach, and you know the drill. Just be sure to lick it carefully to get the sticky off. Take your time.

The Very Long Strip Tease

The autumn chill calls for clothes layering. Since you took the time to put them all on, we don’t see why you shouldn’t take the time to get them all off. Build up the foreplay and strip little by little. Encourage and watch her do the same as well. Forecast: mega boner ahead. You’ll be surprised how much this slowing down can actually speed things up. What did they say about short term loss long term gain? Or is it the other way around?