22 Feb 2017

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bike Lock!

If you are an avid bike rider, then you most likely know already that it takes a lot of responsibility to own a bike. Most people would just grab their bikes from the garage and ride them around the neighborhood. Then, they put them back until the next time. However, if you ride bikes for sports or if you ride for competitions, you can’t just neglect the condition of your bike. From cleaning, constant maintenance, and security, you should always take care of your bike.

Bike Lock

If you ride your bike to the groceries or to school, then of course you can’t bring them inside so you have to park them somewhere. Bikes are easier to steal so you should always put security as a priority. That would mean you would have to invest in quality locks. But which locks should you trust? What makes a good bike lock? Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a bike lock!

Lock Brand

Although it may seem superficial, the brand actually matters in this situation because of the quality that they put out. Some of these brands may be a bit pricey compared to others. However, if you really want assurance that your bike won’t get stolen, you are going to have to spend more for a better quality branded bike lock. A few brands that are worth looking into are Kryptonite, Abus, and Master Lock just to name a few.

Thickness of the lock

No, we are not talking about the bulky body of the lock. We are talking about the u-shaped shackle that is prone to being destroyed or cut. It turns out, size really does matter as long as it is the right material. One may have a relatively thick shackle but if it’s not made up of hardened steel, it will break just as easy as a thin one. The U-shaped shackle should not only be thick. It should also be made up of hardened steel material so that it can’t be easily cut by big pliers or bolt cutters.


An important factor that people tend to disregard is transportation. If the bike that you purchased is a little bit on the heavy side, most likely you will end up leaving it in the garage. That would be counterproductive and it would defeat the purpose of buying a lock in the first place. Try to go for a smaller and lighter lock that will be easy to bring along in your backpack.