20 Sep 2012

Fact: Tanya Mityushina is so damn sweet it hurts

Alright guys, let’s end another great day with my hidden crush from Russia, who I feel is going to become a regular here, the adorably sexy Tanya Mityushina, showing off her groovy little body in sexy swimwear for Zeki Triko. Now, even though it’s been many, many months since the first time we’ve featured this super hottie here, I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I’ve been mesmerized by this 20 year old girl’s sweetness from day one and I’m a bit sad we don’t get to see new photos of her more photos. Her body is absolutely flawless and downright drool inducing in skimpy little bikinis, as you’re about to see right now. Not surprising, considering she’s a supermodel, right?

Since I love you guys a lot, I’ve also found a behind the scenes video that’s hot enough to melt a freaking iceberg with this cutie in action. Enjoy and.. sweet dreams, with Tanya Mityushina, I guess!