19 Jul 2012

Fact: Nina Agdal will make you weak at the knees

Oh, lordy, lordy, lord… I don’t even know where to start. Here’s my uber crush (and coincidentally my future girlfriend), Danish supermodel and super cutie Nina Agdal, looking like the definition of perfection and dropping everyone’s jaw while posing in sexy lingerie from the new Aerie collection.

Holy $#!!  she’s just too sweet in these photos, so incredible that it’s almost unfair for other girls. I really don’t know if any other girl would look this stunning in this hotness amplifying lingerie. And not only is she ridiculously stunning, but she’s also flirting with the camera, smiling and so on.. which will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Hot damn, get a load of that cleavage, and that perfect midsection.. hell, get a load of every single inch of her. Now that my friends, is what should be the definition of drop dead sexy. I really don’t know how one of the Jonah brothers tricked her into dating him but I still believe in my chances haha. Enjoy!