26 Apr 2012

Fact: Natalia Siwiec in lingerie will make you squirm

Guess what !? We’ve started the day with a Polish supermodel and… we’re going to continue the same way, with another gorgeous model from Poland showing off her groovy curves in skimpy lingerie: Natalia Siwiec. We’ve already featured this peach a dozen times in here so.. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with her hotness and you know what to expect from these pics.

Well.. these pics might be even better than expected. Here’s Natalia Siwiec unleashing her drop dead sexy lingerie body together with another hottie that I don’t know yet for the new Alles lingerie collection. Good lord, this girl looks so freaking amazing that I might even one of these pics as my future wallpaper for at least a couple of days.

I still can’t believe I’ve never visited Poland but if I keep gawking at supermodels from that country looking uber hot in lingerie I might clear my schedule this summer and make a short trip there. Natalia looks too damn sexy, and her body is so tight that you’ll fall for her instantly. In case any of you guys knows who’s the other girl, let us know..