11 Jul 2011

Fact: Kate Upton in a bikini will melt your eyeballs

I’m pretty sure most of you guys have already seen that drool inducing video with Kate Upton for the new “Try Everything” campaign from SoBe but.. I haven’t seen too many photos with her perfect little body from this campaign yet and I’ve thought that would be the best thing to kick off the new week.

So.. here’s the uber hot Kate Upton looking like the definition of perfection and doing everything right to get us to drool over her for SoBe’s Try Everything Campaign. Apparently she wanted to prove that she is also good at staring contests by challenging a few guys to a staring contest while she was dressed in a freaking hot mango-colored bikini.

Now.. that’s unfair right? How could you look her in the eyes when the rest of her body just craves for attention? If any guy wants to win a staring contest with this peach.. I think he might be gay. Anyways, Kate Upton has quickly become one of my favorite hotties and these photos are just another example why we all like her so much. Enjoy!