18 Sep 2012

Fact: Erin Heatherton in lingerie will make your face melt

How about we kick the day off with some brand spanking new lingerie photos of one of the sweetest supermodels in the world right now, Erin Heatherton, shall we? Here she is looking like, well, one of the sweetest supermodels in the world, in a brand spanking new set of photos from Victoria’s Secret wearing nothing but sexy lingerie.

Sweet Christmas, if these photos won’t make you jealous on Leo diCaprio then.. I don’t know what will. Actually, this long list with his ex-girlfriends will make you even more jealous, but let’s focus on Erin and her groovy little body in lingerie now, ok? This girl is so adorably hot that I feel all warm and fuzzy inside any time I have the privilege of gawking at a new photoshoot with her.

And this new photoshoot is just another example on how drool inducing she looks any time she poses in sexy lingerie. But you already know that, right? Enjoy!