26 Dec 2011

Fact: Alessandra Ambrosio in sexy bikinis will melt your eyeballs

Ho ho ho! What’s up guys? Missed us?? We were actually going to start posting again tomorrow but.. since we’ve found a lot of wonderful photoshoots that had to shared with you guys, we’ve thought we could start a bit earlier. I’m sure you all appreciate that, right?

Now.. I know that you guys and gals haven’t had the privilege of drooling over supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio for quite some time so.. I thought I’d kick off the last week of the year with these ridiculously sexy swimwear photos from Victoria’s Secret of this peach that were released on the web just this weekend.

As you can clearly see, somehow Victoria’s Secret knows exactly what we need in a cold winter day: a brand spanking new batch of swimwear photos with one of their sexiest models. So we should all thank them and Alessandra for this awesome gift. Enjoy!