15 Oct 2012

Fabiana Semprebom is back and looking hot as usual

Holy smokes, here’s a lesser-known Brazilian supermodel that we totally love, Fabiana Semprebom, getting some much deserved attention thanks to the fact that she’s ridiculously sexy, and especially that she’s showing off her groovy little body in all sorts of bikinis from the new Blue Beach Miami swimwear collection.

Gosh, get a load of those sweet Brazilian supermodel curves… is she adorably hot or what !?? It’s no secret that I think Brazil has the world’s most beautiful girls and Fabiana is just another example.  Yeah, she’s not as curvaceous as other models out there but that tight body could make you squirm in your chair at anytime of the day.

Having said that, I’m gonna stop here and let the photos speak for themselves. In case you wanna see more Fabiana Semprebom hotness, you can check out the related articles below. Cheers.