28 Jun 2012

Fabiana Semprebom has some sexy little curves

Believe it or not, this is only the first time we’re featuring Brazilian supermodel Fabiana Semprebom in here. Most of you guys and gals probably don’t even know who she is yet but.. I’m acquainted with her hotness for years and that’s why I’m pretty surprised we haven’t featured her until this day. Better late than never, eh ?

I always knew that this girl looks like a sexy little minx whenever she poses in lingerie or in bikinis (she’s a Brazilian supermodel d’oh, that’s expected) but only today I ‘bumped’ into a brand new photoshoot worth sharing with you guys. Here she is looking scorching hot in some fancy shmancy lingerie from the newest collection from Neiman Marcus that really compliments this girl’s beauty.

Even though I’m not a fan of these boring, studio pics, Fabiana is unleashing so much sex appeal from these photos that it’s practically palpable. Don’t touch your screen right now, ok?