3 Jan 2017

The Most Exciting Car News This 2017!

The new year is always an exciting season for car lovers. It helps us answer the age-old question: should I really need to buy a new car this year?

Here’s a bit of an advice though: if you’re not willing to pay the price of next year’s model, then you can buy this year’s model – only near the end of the year because that’s when the prices of the year’s model are at its cheapest (in preparation of the upcoming year, AND also because sales peeps are hustling to meet the year’s quota).

And now, enough chitchat. Let’s hustle.

Apple Car

Ads point that it’s going to be named iMove (or a single word with the iconic “I” in front). For now though, the tech giant is said to have been “collecting” car experts from all over the world to work on the top secret project code named “Titan”. Chances are, it’s going to be a self-driving car, or something much more awesome, so legendary, that we can’t even imagine it yet! There’s not much info being released about this baby, but I bet 2017 will hold some pretty sweet announcements and teasers for us.

Toyota MkV Supra

Ahh yes, I still remember the Toyota MkIV Supra that became pretty popular in the sports car scene during the nineties – why? Because it had the power minus the price tag. Now, fast forward to 2017, another Supra is going to be released, with an all-new turbo inline-six engine while promising a more stylish design.

Chevrolet Bolt

Here’s the problem with electronic cars: they just don’t have enough juice. Even the latest Nissan LEAF could not go for up to a hundred miles without needing a full charge once again before it can go any further. This upcoming Chevy might just be the car that we’ve long been waiting for. The Chevrolet Bolt is being designed to go to up to two hundred miles per charge. The name might change however due to branding issues. You see, the company have a plug-in hybrid called Volt, but nevertheless we can expect to ssee this car hit the markets thus year. Exciting times indeed!