16 May 2011

Ewelina Olczak busting out her rollercoaster curves

One of our fans will be really happy after reading this article… that’s because I think he has a crush on this Polish hottie who goes by the name Ewelina Olczak. We’ve featured this peach and her tight little body on our site two times before but that’s clearly not enough for anyone who likes her…

So… Here’s Polish beauty Ewelina Olczak, who we haven’t had the pleasure of drooling over for quite some time, looking like a supernova of hotness in a brand new swimwear photoshoot. Sigh… it’s a damn shame that we don’t get to gawk at this girl more often, but these pics definitely make up for her long absence from our site.

If these photos won’t make you google her name or check out our related articles for even more Ewelina hotness then I really don’t know what will because … hot damn, she’s one amazing babe!