1 Aug 2017

Even If You Are Not A Kingsman You Can Still Own This Projectile Launcher

I do not intend to be preachy here but to children born and raised to a traditional catholic family, the underdog David would be one of the first biblical heroes you are going to learn of. To those who need a refresher, or to those who are not born to the faith, David is really just a small and scrawny kid who got to marry the hottest princess in the land by defeating a badass giant (which other hardened warriors have failed in defeating). And how did David do this?

By using a simple slingshot.

You can see how awesome this story might sound to any young kid, boy or not. And now, all grown up, these stories have been replaced by awesome spy films. James Bond, Kingsman, movies that make you dream of owning super gadgets and equipment.

What if I tell you now, that you CAN own your very own projectile launcher.

To say that it’s an upgrade from David’s slingshot would be an understatement, but it is still a slingshot, nevertheless. It is Pocket Shot. It boosts the power of an ordinary slingshot three times more, which means faster and stronger. Can you imagine what David could’ve done with this?

And that’s not the best part! One of the down sides of using slingshots is that it limits you to using small stones as ammo, but with the Pocket Shot, you can arm it with even deadlier stuff like darts and arrows, even! Cool right?

Plus, the size is still the same. It retains the handheld convenience of the traditional slingshot. In fact, it’s even more convenient since you can easily fold this baby up and put it in your pocket, making it a perfect survival companion to any camping or hunting trip. That, and make you feel like you’re actually a cool and sleek spy yourself.