12 Sep 2013

Here’s Eve Tramunt and a cherry on top

Anyone up for some hot chocolate? Enter sweet and naughty French model, Eve Tramunt. She felt we have a craving, and thought she would satisfy it by flaunting her sexy little self in some nice Adore Me lingerie. It’s funny when people make me choose between chocolate and vanilla; please!?

Staring down at that luscious, perfect and darkened skin of this French sweetie, my entire brain shuts down; I can’t help it! Other functions and instincts take over, and who could blame me? You know that expression, like a light in the dark? Well, this is the other way around, and drooling at this foxy mama and her perfect body I have to say this is much better!

No clue as to Eve Tramunt and her taste in men, or ice cream – I don’t think vanilla is her favorite, but I’m free to dream on. But I do know that this fine, slender, over the top sexy cutie is welcomed to return and make us fight for it. Either way, there’s gonna be a cherry on top.. the whipped cream is included! Enjoy!