27 Jun 2012

Euro 2012 Semifinals previews and predictions!

I’m going to be honest with you guys, we haven’t wrote too many things about Euro 2012 because it was.. pretty damn boring. I don’t know if I’ve seen more than 2 awesome games at this year’s championship and.. I actually fell asleep during the game between Spain and France which probably says a lot about how interesting it was.

The group stage wasn’t too great (the only thing that impressed me, in a negative way, was Holland’s poor form) and.. the quarter finals weren’t too exciting either. Only the game between Germany and Greece made me stay in front of my TV for the whole time and England and France looked like teams that didn’t even deserve to be there.

But now we’re in the last four and I really, really hope we’re going to see some exciting soccer. Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy played pretty well during this championship and.. I’m sure the semifinals would be a bit more interesting than what we’ve seen already. Spain and Portugal will meet tonight while the Germans and the Italians will face each other tomorrow.

The game between Portugal and Spain is going to look like a game between Real and Barcelona, without a couple of superstars, of course. It’s going to be an exciting battle between two teams with great offenses, with a lot of players that could win the game alone but.. I think defense mistakes are going to decide the winner.

Spain will go for their usual possession and passing game with Xavi and Iniesta the conductors of their attacks while Portugal will be reliant on Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani on the counter attack. If any team makes a mistake on the back line, they will be probably punished by other team.

I think Spain is going to win this, even though I don’t want it because.. I’m pretty tired of their game. It’s like watching Barcelona without Messi and, let’s face it, Messi is the one who makes Barcelona fun to watch. I’m going to root for Portugal because I don’t want Spain to win again, even though they’ll probably win this semi: Spain – Portugal 2-1 – that’s my prediction.

The other semifinal is even more interesting, with two teams that played extremely well during this championship. Germany is the only team to win every single game at Euro 2012, looking like future champions in the process, but Italy also impressed me with their solid game during the quarter finals against England. It’s a great matchup, that could be won by both teams.

The Germans look like they could destroy every team right now with their speed, agility and skills, but Italy also has a couple of ‘guns’ to use. If they decide to attack Germany the same way they did England.. they will be punished severely though. As much as I love Pirlo’s game at Euro 2012, I’m going to say advantage Germany.. Germany-Italy 3-1.