29 Oct 2010

Esti Ginzburg’s luscious body just made my day…

Esti Ginzburg Cia Maritima 1

The swimwear bonanza continues today with one of the hottest girls from Israel and also from the entire world, Esti Ginzburg. Move over Bar Refaeli, you’re still dating Leo di Caprio so I guess I’ll just have to replace you with this Israeli cutie who goes by the name Esti.

Esti Ginzburg is just 20 at the moment and she’s already accomplished many things, things like posing from one cover to another, including Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and endorsing brands after brands. This peach has taken the modeling into a whole new level and stormed the world of glitz and glamor with her stunning physique and charm.

She’s quickly becoming one of today’s most popular supermodels and since she’s only 20, we’re going to see a lot more of her in the future. Oh yeah! So… here is Esti Ginzburg unleashing her groovy little body for the latest collection of Cia Maritima Beachwear.  Drooling starts in 3, 2 … 1. GO!