7 Feb 2012

Erin Heatherton’s little body is absolutely perfect… wow!

It’s been far too long since the last time we’ve had the privilege of drooling over Erin Heatherton‘s sweet curves (two weeks to be more exact but, let’s face it, that’s like a decade in hot chick time) so.. today we have a brand spanking new photoshoot with Erin blowing our minds in Victoria’s Secret lingerie once again.

Gosh.. is she absolutely stunning or what !? You guys probably know how much I dig this peach already, and how whenever she shows off her groovy little body in lingerie I feel all warm and fuzzy inside so I probably don’t need to go into detail about how happy I am now and how drop dead sexy she looks.

Erin Heatherton is so adorably hot that even Leonardo diCaprio fell for her and that guy definitely has great taste in women. Having said that, I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys enjoy this awesome gallery.