26 Jul 2012

Erin Heatherton’s body is as mesmerizing as ever

Another day, another awesome set of lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret. Actually, we have two brand spanking new sets from VS, but the second one will be posted just a little later. Gosh, I love these guys, their lingerie, their angels and probably any other girl who posed for Victoria’s Secret at least once.

I feel like the guys at VS have exactly the same taste in women as us and.. that’s why I’m always squirming in my chair any time I see a new photoshoot from them. Here’s a good example: the lovely Erin Heatherton looking adorably hot as usual and showing off her groovy little body that I absolutely loooove, in Victoria’s Secret lingerie, of course.

Now I normally gush over this babe and her incredible hotness for hours but now I’m going to cut this one short ’cause Leo might be reading this. What a lucky bastard!!