31 Jan 2013

Erin Heatherton struts her uber sexy… everything!

We’re kicking off this day pretty darn late with one of my future girlfriends, the adorably hot Erin Heatherton, showing off her uber sexy curves and lovely lady lumps in a couple of brand spanking new lingerie and swimwear shots from Victoria’s Secret and.. zapping us all into a zombie-like state of drooling once again as well.

Gosh, it’s been just one week since the last time we’ve featured this girl here and I already miss her. This girl’s body is absolutely to die for.. and god bless her for showing it off as much as she does. Her groovy curves, bodacious cleavage, killer booty, tight little tummy and especially those freckles. I love everything about this peach.

Having said that, i’m gonna stop here and let you guys check out these new photos and, because I love you a lot, we’ve also added a couple of new pics with Erin looking all classy and sweet for the new XOXO (Hugs & Kisses) campaign. I’m all over those pics as well, even though they’ve photoshopped her freckles – that’s not a good idea. Enjoy!