29 Sep 2011

Erin Heatherton looking so damn sweet you’ll fall over

Well hellooo beautiful. Here’s the cutest, most adorable supermodel in the history of supermodels, Erin Heatherton, posing once again in the ultra  hot lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. And you know what Erin Heatherton in lingerie means, right? Yeah… Non-stop drooling!! Seriously guys, is it just me or this girl really has one of the most perfect bodies you’ve ever seen?

I’ve already posted a crapload of photos with this peach posing in lingerie and have said how I really, really can’t get enough of her and… that’s exactly what I think after gawking at these photos as well. Good lord, one look at any of these photos and you’ll see why we are so addicted to this blonde bombshell.

She’s currently my 2nd favorite Victoria’s Secret angel (right after my future wife, Candice Swanepoel) but if things don’t work out between me and Candice I’d be as happy as a clam with my girl Erin. Oh yeaah.