14 Sep 2011

Erin Heatherton looking insanely cute in sexy bikinis

Alright guys, we’ve been drooling over Erin Heatherton‘s groovy little body and amazing curves in lingerie since… forever, and I’m sure she’s the cutest/sweetest/sexiest/hottest girl in the world for some of you guys but… you know what’s almost as awesome as seeing this girl modeling lingerie !? Seeing this girl in swimwear, of course!!

Now… Victoria’s Secret has recently launched a new line of sexy bikinis on the market and Erin Heatherton was one of the girls who was called to show off her tight little body for the new collection. Hot damn, this girl’s body is so tight that I’d love to waste an entire day exploring every inch of it with my tongue. Actually, I would probably do that for months, I guess…

Anyways, we’ve got even more shoots from Victoria’s Secret with other lovely angels modeling their new swimwear collection and we’re probably going to post some of those photos later today as well. Until then.. I’ll leave you guys to the clickin’ and drooling part because I know that’s what you wanted to do as soon as you read “Erin Heatherton” in this article’s title.