5 Dec 2011

Erin Heatherton jumps into sexy lingerie once again… yay!

Alright guys… I know you hate Monday mornings just as much as I do but this scorching hot photoshoot will make you start the week  a lot better than expected. You know the drill.. I gush over Erin Heatherton and go on and on about ridiculously cute and sexy she looks, and you drool over the hottie and send me weird emails about her. Don’t do that again, please.

Erin was always one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models but after this year’s VS fashion show I liked her even more. That’s because apparently she’s the smartest angel, knows all the gadgets and stuff which means she’s probably every geek’s fantasy girl, a perfect mix between wisdom and looks that will make anyone fall for her.

Having said that.. here’s my love Erin Heatherton looking drop dead sexy in the newest lingerie photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret in a couple of photos that will knock you off your chair. That’s all I had to say, I guess, this shoot may actually be too sexy for words. Enjoy and thank me later for saving your Monday morning.