29 Mar 2012

Erin Heatherton in sexy lingerie is like a 10/10

It seems like it’s been ages since the last time we’ve had the privilege of drooling over a couple of photos of the adorably hot Erin Heatherton and, since you’ve been practically drowning me in emails asking for more photos of Leo’s girlfriend, here are a couple of brand spanking new photos released by our buddies from Victoria’s Secret in this last month with Erin looking as hot as always.

She’s showing off her perfect little body in all sorts of drool inducing poses, her adorable cleavage, her killer legs, her cute freckles and not to mention she looks all kinds of cute in the process. So yeah, I guess you can easily tell that I really dig every single inch of this peach, right? Then again.. who doesn’t?

Some of these pics are from Victoria’s Secret’s “Fabulous” campaign and I have to hand it to them because that’s the best word to describe this hottie. Enjoy the photos and.. try not to drool all over yourselves. Cheers!