18 Dec 2012

Erin Heatherton in sexy bikinis… need I say more?

Here’s another Victoria’s Secret angel that I totally love, the newly single Erin Heatherton, strutting her perfect little curves in a variety of sexy bikinis while posing for the new swimwear collection from VS, of course. It’s been a long, long time since we’ve had the pleasure of drooling over this sweetie (2 months and 2 weeks to be more exact) and a lot of things have happened during this period.

She’s not with Leo anymore, so I hope she’s finally going to take a look at the countless love letters I’ve sent to her and.. she totally rocked the world with her blissful appearance at the 2012 VS Fashion Show. Now let’s go down the list, shall we? Erin’s uber cuteness? Check. Breathtaking poses? Check. Sexy little bikinis? Check. Erin’s wonderful bikini body in drool inducing poses? Double Check.

Now seriously, what more can you ask for from this super hottie? She looks so freaking sweet that you’ll melt into a puddle in just a matter of seconds, and if you need more than these pics to fall for this girl, just check out our massive archive with her here. Enjoy!