7 Jun 2011

Erin Heatherton in lingerie is as hot as a supernova

I don’t know exactly how many emails I’ve received from you guys lately asking for more photos with one of the newest Victoria’s Secret angels, the uber cute Erin Heatherton, but I’m sure there were quite a lot and… I’m also sure that some of you guys will be really, really happy when you’ll see this brand spanking new photoshoot with this cutie.

So.. Here’s Erin Heatherton showing off her tight little body and looking like a foxy little minx in these new ridiculously sexy lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret. Umm..  wow! I don’t even know what to say about these photos. I’m usually really good at commenting hotness but these photos leave me speechless.

Erin is freaking hooot and whenever you see a couple of new lingerie or swimwear pics with her you can consider yourself lucky and your day will surely get a lot better. I’m gonna stop right here and leave you guys enjoy these pics. Go on, time to drool!