30 Nov 2012

Erica Redling in skimpy lingerie just made my day

You know what !? We’ve started the day with a pretty underrated Brazilian supermodel and… we’ll continue the same way, with another hottie from this country that I’m really sure you don’t know yet. Say hello to Erica Redling and her groovy little curves that she sure likes to show off, especially in sexy lingerie, as you’re about to see right now.

This morning was the first time I’ve seen her as well so.. don’t even bother asking me for more details about this peach. All I know is that she recently posed in lingerie for La Vie en Rose and she looked like a supernova of hotness in the process. A while ago she also unleashed her sexiness for Macy’s and, since we love you guys a lot, we’ve also added that photoshoot to this article.

So there you go: not one, but two awesome photoshoots with a Brazilian model who’s new for all of us: Erica Redling. Enjoy and try not to drool all over yourselves, ok?