26 Nov 2014

Erectile Dysfunction: Why Can’t You Get it Up?

If there’s one thing we dread more than aging, it’s the great ED — erectile dysfunction. Before you panic, let us tell you that such dread is preventive and highly treatable.

So before it’s too late, here are the things to blame for your boner killer and how you can fix them.

Gum disease

Yep, believe it or not your teeth are directly related to your boner. If you don’t brush enough and as often as you should, this can lead to gum diseases that will cause poor blood flow. This blood flow doesn’t only affect your ability to get that up but also, could lead to graver problems like heart ailments.


How you are feeling can have a great effect on how you perform in bed. Studies have shown that stress, anxiety and nervousness all lead to higher blood pressure and higher level of cholesterol — both of which are perpetrators of boner killers.

So relax and allow yourself to take it easy. Your future erection will thank you for it.

Your laptop

Bet you didn’t see that coming. Studies have shown that the heat from your laptop is causing harm not only to the potency of your sperm but also, your erection. So remove that laptop from your lap, place it on a desk and continue about your work.


Ah, the world’s worst habit. Smoking isn’t only bad for your respiratory system. Since it constricts blood vessels from performing at 100%, this leads in decreased blood flow in your penis, thereby contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Chronic alcoholism

If you are an alcoholic, then you are killing your chances of mind-blowing sex even after 60. Regulate your drinking as early as now if you don’t want to end up incapable.

Physical conditions or sicknesses do lead to erectile dysfunction but that doesn’t mean you are rendered defenseless. These less known causes of ED can easily be prevented. Don’t deprive yourself of a wonderful and fulfilling sex life just because you made poor decisions when you were younger.

So as early as now, take note of these five things if you want to go above and beyond George Clooney when the time comes.