13 Jun 2014

Enterprise Starship by NASA

Dr. Harold ‘Sonny’ White of NASA is working on a real-life warp drive, and that’s beyond Sci-Fi at this point, if you ask me. The goal is to transport people across the galaxy like cpt. Picard and his crew. First things, first: we need a star-ship. Dr. White recently teamed up with artist Mark Rademaker, which resulted in a realistic design of what his theoretical warp-capable ship would look like. Obviously, it’s called the Enterprise.

The Star Trek-inspired star-ship is sleek, futuristic and cool; those two enormous rings are there for creating a “warp bubble”. The Enterprise would use ion and plasma thrusters to solve the problems of the Alcubierre Drive concept: allowing objects to travel faster than light by bending the space around them, making distances shorter. NASA is really dreaming these days, but I guess we can allow it. Although, at the rate we are destroying this planet, we might need the Enterprise pretty soon!