2 Oct 2013

Enjoy the Glass Igloo Village Hotel in Finland

I’ve always dreamed of sleeping under the magic of the beautiful Aurora Borealis and enjoying it in the middle of the night, but I fear the freezing cold I would endure while doing so, although I’d love to build me an igloo entirely out of chunks of ice. If you have the same concern as my self, I’m here to tell you I’m packed and ready to go. Where? Well, I’ve found the perfect vacation destination for you – Hotel Kakslauttanen.

Finland’s Hotel Kakslauttanen consists of 20 thermal glass igloos offering up crystal clear views of the Northern Lights at several times throughout the year. And since there are few trees and no light pollution, Finland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park is the perfect hotel for star gazers. So, tell me guys: did I deliver or did I deliver?! Even better, there’s an igloo for everyone, already constructed. Each room has been constructed using transparent thermal glass walls and ceilings that allow guests to take in the breathtaking starry night skies.

This thermal glass also provides great insulation against the outside temperatures – which can easily drop below -22 degrees Fahrenheit – and also features frost prevention, so your view will never be interrupted; ain’t that cool? The hotel – located 250 km above the Arctic Circle – also features the largest smoke sauna in the world, along with an ice bar and snow chapel, restaurant, and a whole lot more.

I can understand the bar, but chapel? Moving on. Every igloo hotel room also features a toilet and luxury beds, so you won’t miss a minute of the views; although, I can’t help wonder: do the toilets also offer those views?!