20 Dec 2011

Emily Ratajkowski was made for lingerie and vice versa

I’m pretty sure most of you guys loved yesterday’s list with the 25 hottest girls we’ve discovered this year but.. there’s one guy who was pretty upset because we haven’t featured the bodacious Emily Ratajkowski in that list as well. Apparently this peach is his new crush .. and he emailed this morning just to tell us that.

So, to make up for our mistake, after just 11 days from the first article with this peach, we have another massive gallery for him and for you guys as well: Here’s the up and coming American supermodel and all around hottie Emily Ratajkowski looking like a hot little minx in these extra photos from Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie.

After she totally rocked the internet with the first batch of lingerie photos from Frederick’s of Hollywood, apparently more and more photos came out and we have ’em all here for your viewing pleasure. I’m going to post and gawk at this girl every time I have the occasion, especially when she’s oozing mondo sex appeal like she is in this photoshoot. Enjoy!