7 Aug 2012

Emily Ratajkowski oozing mondo sex appeal in lingerie

Holy freakin’ Batman !!! We officially declare today ‘the Frederick’s of Hollywood day’ because we have not one, not two, but three ridiculously awesome photoshoots from their new fall collection of sexy lingerie ready to be gushed over by you guys and gals. That sounds pretty damn nice, eh? Let’s start with the first one…

Here’s the uber stunning Emily Ratajkowski doing one hell of a job of showing off her curvy little body in said lingerie and other skimpy little outfits from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Whoa, now that is what I call drool amazing! This girl is adorably hot and seeing her in hotness amplifying lingerie is just a major tease as you can easily see from any of these photos.

I’m pretty sure more photos of Emily posing for Frederick’s will be released soon so, stick around, ’cause we’ll surely post them here during the next days. Until we find more photos, enjoy these ones and.. try not to have an aneurysm!