2 Apr 2012

Emily Ratajkowski is so being a major tease!

Here’s my hidden crush and the proud owner of one of the most perfect/amazing bodies I’ve ever gawked at, the uber sexy Emily Ratajkowski, doing what she probably does best.. and in case you don’t know what it is that Emily does best, it’s modeling skimpy lingerie and dropping our jaws in the process.

This time we have Emily’s drop dead gorgeous body in hotness amplifying lingerie from Naked Princess and gosh, I’m pretty sure this is how a mix made in heaven looks like. Props to the guys from Naked Princess for having the brilliant idea of picking Emily Ratajkowski to model their new collection. She’s not naked, but she definitely looks like a princess in this lingerie, oh yeah!

Emily is so ridiculously hot that I’m pretty sure most of you guys and even gals are not even reading this text so I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys to the most important part.. clicking away at the sexy thumbnails! Oh, there’s a bonus video as well!

[Photos courtesy of Naked Princess]