9 Apr 2012

Emily Ratajkowski is ridiculously hot from head to toe

Oh boy, we’re moving on with another awesome photoshoot of my new crush, the lovely Emily Ratajkowski, doing what she probably does best for Frederick’s of Hollywood once again. And in case you you’re clueless and wondering what it is that she does best… it’s looking like a supernova of hotness and showing off her perfectly crafted sexy body in skimpy little lingerie.

Wow, wow and wow! I’ve already drooled over Emily‘s absolutely stunning curves in an assortment of skimpy outfits, lingerie and bikinis, but this hotness amplifying lingerie seems to show off every single curve of her groovy little body and proves us that she’s one of the sexiest up and coming supermodels in the world right now.

I’m surprised to see that I already wrote this much about Emily Ratajkowski because.. I’m pretty speechless any time I find a new set of photos of her and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be speechless as well in the next 15 minutes or so. Enjoy and make sure no one catches you drooling like a dog in heat.