5 Nov 2012

Emily Didonato in skimpy lingerie will make you faint

Oh my, I really can’t think of a better way to jump start your engines in this brand spanking new week other than sharing with you guys a couple of breathtaking lingerie photos with a girl I totally love. Here’s the criminally underrated supermodel Emily Didonato making me drool like a brain dead zombie thanks to her sexy little curves in this new photoshoot for Lindex Intimates.

Gosh, this sweetie is easily in my top ten favorite young models from the US right now and.. it’s a damn shame that we hardly ever see her. I’ve actually wanted to feature her once again on our site for months but this is just the first proper photoshoot we’ve found with this super hottie in a loong time.

And, even though it has just a few photos, it’s still good enough for a total gush fest. These shots are definitely loaded with mondo sex appeal and a whole lot of skin so.. they’ll do for now. Enjoy!