25 Feb 2013

Emanuela de Paula’s rollercoaster curves are on display

Here’s another favorite hottie of mine, Brazilian supermodel Emanuela de Paula, unleashing her plentiful cleavage, killer long legs, groovy curves and still looking drop dead sexy as ever  while posing for the new, spring collection of swimwear from Next. This is honestly not her most awesome photoshoot, but good lord, this babe looks amazing even in a photoshoot that’s not her best.

As you can clearly see, her body absolutely rocks from head to freakin’ toe, and puts other supermodels from all over the world to shame. She looks ridiculosuly hot, and in case you needed another reason to visit Brazil, apparently there are a lot of girls out there who look almost as stunning as Emanuela. I’m planning to visit that country next year for the 2014 World Cup and if you don’t hear anything from me for a couple of weeks, don’t call anyone ’cause I’m probably in love lol.

Anyways, back to Emanuela de Paula and her brand new photoshoot from Next.  Hot damn, she’s perfection! And in case you wanna see more photos of this Brazilian bombshell, just check out the related articles below and get ready for a massive gush fest. Enjoooy!