7 Jan 2013

Emanuela de Paula is back and she brought her curves

Here’s one of my favorite Brazilian supermodels, the uber sweet Emanuela de Paula, looking all kinds of hot and showing off her perfect curves and her much appreciated cleavage in this brand new set of photos from Next presenting the swimwear and lingerie she’s probably going to wear during this spring, when she’s going to be with me in an exotic vacation or something.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Emanuela is just another reason why God digs Brazil because you know, some of the world’s hottest women come from this country, and this girl is definitely in the best of the best. That tight little body, that skin, those sultry lips, should be more than enough to melt you into a puddle in just a matter of seconds!

I think I’ve already gushed over hundreds of photos of this peach ’til this day yet I’m still totally mesmerized and surprised any time I discover a couple of new shots with her. She’s just.. incredible and these photos will probably speak for themselves. Enjoy!