1 Oct 2013

Emanuela de Paula is an example of Brazilian hotness

Wowzers! The swimwear pics from Next are always breathtaking but when it’s Emanuela De Paula then my friends.. you should get ready for a total gush fest. Better yet, we’re dealing with a 2-in-1 package deal, ’cause we also get to drool at this hottie in some lingerie outfits as well. She’s unleashing her plentiful cleavage, killer long legs, groovy curves and still looks as drop dead sexy as ever.

This is honestly not her most awesome photo-shoot, but good lord, this babe looks amazing even in a photo-shoot that’s not her best. Emanuela will drop your jaws straight to the floor from every single photo you’ll find with her and that’s something that very, very few girls could do.

Her body absolutely rocks from head to freakin’ toe, and puts other supermodels from all over the world to shame. That tight little body, that skin, those sultry lips, should be more than enough to melt you into a puddle in just a matter of seconds! Hot damn, she’s perfection! Too bad that this photo-shoot was screwed up. No matter, we still love Brazilian bombshell Emanuela de Paula, don’t we?! Enjoooy!