3 Jul 2012

Emanuela de Paula in all of her bodaciously curvy glory

Oh boy, if you thought yesterday’s post with Brazilian supermodel Emanuela de Paula was jaw dropping wait until you see today’s face-melting photoshoot with this girl. I’ve literally squirmed in my chair when I clicked on the first photo from this brand new swimwear shoot and.. I think I’ve wasted an entire hour drooling over all 108 photos.

Yeah, you’ve read that right, 108 PHOTOS of Brazilian perfection!!! Here’s Emanuela de Paula looking ridiculously hot from head to toe in all sorts of tiny bikinis and things she’d probably wear on a casual day at the beach from Otto swimwear. If these pics won’t convince you that she’s one of the hottest if not the hottest Brazilian supermodel in the world right now, then.. probably nothing will.

She has an awesome little body that looks like it was created after taking a survey among men on what the perfect girl should look like. Hot damn, get a load of that hotness! If any of you guys are still reading this.. what the heck are you waiting for? Enjoy the photos!