22 Apr 2013

Elyse Taylor‘s sexy slender body is on display

It’s been almost four months since the last time we’ve had the privilege of gawking at the uber sweet Australian supermodel Elyse Taylor and today she’s finally back in our attention with a brand spanking new set of photos, modeling fancy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret and a couple of sexy little outfits for Next as well. Sounds pretty great, eh?

Well, the photos are even better than that! She managed to drop my jaw easily like she usually does, expressing so much sexiness from any of these poses to make us all go gaga. I don’t know about you guys, but I like this peach a lot, and, even though her body is freakin’ tight and awesome, I think that her smile and those sultry eyes are those features that really make her stand out.

She looks sexy and cute in the same time, which is something that very few supermodels could pull off. Having said that, I’m gonna click on these photos once again together with you guys. Enjoy!