20 Feb 2012

Elyse Taylor has some jaw-dropping bikini curves!

What’s up guys? Are you ready for another awesome week? I hope you are because I’m about to start even if you’re not… Here’s a lovely hottie from Australia which was featured on our site for the first time just a couple of weeks ago, the uber cute Elyse Taylor, making a big comeback in our lives with a drool inducing photoshoot for… Victoria’s Secret.

Yeah, she’s posing for Victoria’s Secret right now which is quite a major thing, eh? Here she is unleashing her all-around hotness in a variety of skimpy bikinis and in a couple of sexy little outfits for VS that would easily show you she’s adorably hot no matter what she’s wearing. This girl would look incredible even if she’s wearing a ski suit.

She has sex appeal written all over her.. in capital letters, as you’re about to see from any of these photos and, if she keeps doing what she probably does best (looking hot, doing photoshoots like these)  I’m pretty sure you’re going to see a lot more of her in here. Enjoy!