26 Apr 2010

Ellen Petri will make your temperature rise

Ellen Petri p 1

Don’t know if you’ve heard about Ellen Petri before but I remember I’ve seen a couple of pictures with her a while ago and I was completely amazed by this girl. She might the definition of perfection in women beauty with her perfectly shaped body, cute face and incredible eyes that would make you squirm.

Ellen Petri was crowned Miss Belgium back in 2004 and in the same year she was voted the most beautiful woman on Earth in “The heavenly 100” contest organized by Che magazine with Beyonce coming in the second place. It’s true that Che is a local magazine so the contest was for people who knew her but if everybody else in the world will see this babe, I’m pretty sure they’d all love her.

After this big break from 2004 she modeled for a couple of popular fashion brands and now she’s back in our attention with a new photo spread. The guys from the Belgian magazine called P featured Ellen Petri in an amazing photoshoot that will make your temperature rise.