23 Aug 2011

Elle Liberachi in lingerie just made my jaw drop

It’s been quite a loong time (two months to be more exact) since the last time we’ve posted a whole bunch of pictures of Elle Liberachi posing in naughty lingerie for Baci and now… guess what? She’s finally back in our attention with another breathtaking photoshoot for the newest collection of lingerie from the same company.

I feel you’re already pretty damn excited, eh? Last time we’ve posted a massive photoshoot with this peach in Baci lingerie everyone and their grannies were left in awe and I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen with this brand spanking new photoshoot as well. It has over 100 photos and you know what that means, right? It’s time for a total gush-fest!!!

These shots of Elle Liberachi are some of her hottest photos to date, if not some of the sexiest/naughtiest lingerie photos you’ve ever seen. That’s all I had to say, I guess. Good lord, she’s a scorcher!!! Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves.