8 May 2012

Elisandra Tomacheski’s sexy curves will make your jaw drop!

Aaand.. Here’s Brazilian supermodel Elisandra Tomacheski dropping everyone’s jaw once again while posing in both lingerie and bikinis for the new collection from Bloomingdale’s. Say it with me my friends… holy freaking Batman! Elisandra is ridiculously stunning in probably wearing basically anything but in these hotness amplifying outfits she’s just.. breathtaking.

No matter how many times I gawk at this girl, she still manages to zap me into a crazy state of drooling with every new set of photos and that’s exactly what these pics are going to do to you as well. Every single curve of this girl’s groovy little body is perfectly complemented in what’s probably Eli’s sexiest photoshoot in these last weeks.

Words are freaking useless at this point, so I’m going to cut this one short and let you guys enjoy the hell out of these wonderful photos.